SLE Rock Camera


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Built to order - Call to make changes in battery life, SD card size. Product ships in 3 to 5 days.

Self-Powered Spy Camera
Great for outdoor use, or anywhere that power in not readily available. The new Self-Powered Spy Cameras offers outstanding covert security recording in a completely self contained package. Hi-Resolution video images are recorded on a small SD card whenever motion is detected. Rechargeable batteries operate unit (Armed mode) up to 1 month on a single charge. ~

* 1 piece Outdoor Rock
* 1 piece Camera and DVR unit (Sony color CCD, 420TVL, 0.5Lux, 640x480 resolution, 12fps.)
* 1 Set high power Rechargeable Battery (Armed mode) around 1 month, continuous recording around 10 hours
* 1 piece battery charger
* 1 piece 16GB SD Card (Can be upgraded to 32GB SD card)

The camera unit's internal human body thermal detector (PIR) will cut on power for camera by detecting the human body thermal within 15 feet (Optional 30 Feet) from camera. The unit will power off 5 minutes after no thermal heat is detected. This will max save power consumption for the battery.

The Spy cameras (Digital Video Recorder) is completely self-contained, totally secure, and easy to use. After the PIR detect the human thermal and cut on the power for the camera. High quality 640x480 color video recording will begin when the instant motion is detected and will continue until there is 10 seconds of no motion. When you are ready to review your video images, simply remove the “postage stamp size” SD card from it’s hidden compartment. To playback images, just insert the SD card into your computer or laptop card reader. Click on the SD icon and view a complete list of images, including time and date stamps for each recording. “Click” on any image and the video stream will play from that point on

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NO Audio, Audio w/ 2 Way Talk, Audio Only


30 Days, 60 Day Battery, 90 Day Battery

Storage (SD)

8 GB SD, 16 GB SD, 32 GB SD