SLE Button Camera AIO


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This All-In-One DVR system is perfect for covert recording and video playback. A button camera on the DVR makes it easier than ever to start recording video as soon as you receive it. No need to hunt for a compatible camera!

Our product is capable of recording HD video with a resolution of 1080p @ 30 FPS that you can play back on a full-sized screen with no los   s of quality. The CLDVRAI1 supports a MicroSD card that can record 16 hours of quality video. With its small size, you can easily tuck it away in a pocket and record video whenever you want.

Great for all types of undercover investigations, with a fast film recovery time for the best viewing in the field.

HD Quality resolution
Small portable size
Remote control for quick covert recording
Pre – record function
Time/date stamp

Additional information

Storage (SD)

32 GB SD