• Real Time

    Real Time

    After receivng burglary reports in over 10 different residence, with over 50 firearms burged, this agency depoloyed a Covert Law Enforcement Surveillance System on a group of traveling sales persons that had been seen in the area. The large group of 16 members were staying at a local hotel, and had been moving property in and out of two different utility traliers for several weeks. The camera systems were easily placed directly Behind the Utility trailers.

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  • Graffiti Stopper

    Graffiti Stopper

    For years there have been repeated problems with Graffiti on this particular underpass which is located at a prominent park within this agencies jurisdiction. Within a day of cleaning up the previous incidents, more graffiti would quickly appear.  This agency deployed a Covert Law Enforcement surveillance system and quickly put a stop to the vandalism that was occurring. This video is an example of one of the individuals that looked right at the camera system, and had no idea it was a video surveillance system. This video was streamed over the 3G network, as a result it is a little jumpy. 

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  • Distant Surveillance

    Distant Surveillance

    In this particular investigation the suspects were using an Ice cream shop as a front for the movement of stolen property, and the distribution of methamphetamine. Because of the unique dynamics of this particular location, there was little opportunity to deploy a covert video surveillance system unnoticed. The case agent located an office building in which the camera could effectively be deployed. However, the office was a full block away from the target location. Using the powerful zoom features of the camera system, they were able to successfully identify the movement of freshly stolen property into and out of the business back entrance. A warrant was quickly obtained, and stolen property was recovered from over 15 different criminal burglary investigations. Below you will see some of the actual video that was obtained which shows the movement of some of the property. 

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  • Urban Blended

    Urban Blended

    In this close knitt condominium complex there were few locations that a surveillance system could be safely deployed... Until, they were able to use a Covert Law Enforcement Video Surveillance System. Agents were able to quickly, and indiscreately deploy a camera system that blended right into the area. All the tenants looked at, and drove by the system every day for three weeks before the warrant, and two weeks after the warrant. This is just one example of hundreds like it. 

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  • Rip Buy

    Rip Buy

    On this particular investigation there were two separate Covert Law Enforcement Surveillance systems used for several weeks. As the time drew close for an undercover agent to purchase several pounds of Meth, a rip buy was set up in a near by parking lot.  This investiation required three seperate operations that needed to work as one. The camera systems allowed all three operations comanders to view what the others were doing. It allowed for the different swat teams to cordinate effectively the timing and exicution of the warrant services and the safety of the confidential informant. 

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  • Close Surveillance

    Close Surveillance

    This is another case example in which Covert Law Enforcment Surveillance Systems were placed very close to the target address. Invesitgation was conducted for several weeks, and the resulting warrant lead to the recovery of over a pound of meth and stolen Property. 

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