Mobile Power Station

Minimum of 48-72 Hours of Continuous Run-time, Quick and Smart Recharge

Covert Law Enforcement proudly provides 2 different options (70 AH AGM or 100 AH Lithium-Ion) battery setups to help you get the most out of your Advanced Covert System.
- 70 AH AGM -
Battery Duration: 48 Hour Minimum 
(On Continuous Use)
Built in 15 AH Smart Charger
Battery Life: 3-5 years
Includes AC+12v DC Power Cables
1 Year Warranty
- 100 AH Lithium-Ion -
Battery Duration: 3-4 Days
(On Continuous Use)
Quick Recharge (Approx. 4 Hours)
Battery Life: 10 years
Includes AC+12v DC Power Cables
1 Year Warranty
Safe to leave connected with zero worry of overcharging. Most manual, automatic, or semi-automatic wheeled battery chargers continuously charge batteries. Thus making them susceptible to overcharge, which limits battery life. Our intelligent battery maintenance technology monitors battery activity and only charges when needed. The Mobile Power Station offers continuous operation without user intervention and has zero risk of overcharging the battery making for a smooth sailing investigation and helps you get the most out of your batteries.
  • Standard Cigeratte Lighter plug (fused 12 v DC)
  • AC Power cord and 8 foot Cigerette dc extension cable incuded.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Smart built in 15 AMP battery charger (recharge in under 5 hours)
  • Ruggedize Pelican case
Operational Deployments
Advanced Micro Camera System
Independent Pole Camera Deployment

Vehicle Mount Use Deployment
Mobile Power Station deployed with Advanced Micro Camera System
Mobile Power Station deployed with Vehicle Mount on Pole Camera System