“Our mission... no, our passion, is to produce quality, reliable, video surveillance systems that are easy to use. We are not just making products; we are building relationships that will ensure our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement get the services they need when they need them. Our products save lives and increase manpower. It is our promise that we will strive to provide the services to each agency, as though it was our own... EVERY BATMAN NEEDS AN ALFRED."

Steven B. Condie, Slade C. Gurr
Founding Owners



Covert Law Enforcement (2010) has camera systems in some of the coldest, hottest, and most humid areas of the United States. We have 1000’s of hours and tens of 1000’s of dollars in research and development, 1000’s of hours of actual law enforcement investigative experience, and 1000’s of hours of surveillance deployments. We manufacture law enforcement cameras, and (don’t mind if I do…) we do it very well. We understand law enforcement, and we are available 24/7/365 on a personal level as well as a professional one. We work hard to provide a service, not just a product. We train new officers on the system as they rotate into the investigative unit, and we help set up cameras while officers are in the field and need assistance.

We would love to work with you and your agency, give us a call… 888.621.5558


Covert Law Enforcement (2010) was developed out of the need for an outdoor covert video surveillance system that had a self-contained extended battery life, remote view, remote control, remote monitoring, exterior alarm inputs (such as a trip wire), as well as a dynamic and rapid deployment.

Founding Owner, Slade Gurr, was in Law Enforcement from 2004 until 2014. He worked as a Detective in the Major Crimes Unit of the Logan City Police Department for five of those years. Slade has investigated all facets of criminal conduct, including but not limited to homicide, child sex abuse, burglary, vandalism, and controlled substances. In February of 2014, Slade left Logan City Police Department to turn his full attention to providing Covert Law Enforcement clients with the full-time service they needed. In 2015, Slade joined Juniper Systems as a Product Manager focusing on ruggedized tablet technology for law enforcement and other markets.

Founding Owner, Steve Condie, started his career in public safety as a 911 dispatcher and EMT in 2001. In 2004, Steve joined Logan City Police Department as a 911 Dispatcher as well as joining the North Logan Fire Department as a Firefighter and EMT-Intermediate. Steve’s career advanced with Logan City Police Department to the title of Dispatch System Administrator where Steve advanced into a technology powerhouse for all the law enforcement agencies in the Cache Valley Utah. Steve has written and designed a state-of-the–art 911 Dispatch website which resulted in Steve being awarded the 2015 Spillman Technologies Innovation Award. Steve’s background in Information Technology, as well as Mechanical and Electrical Design, has made him the perfect candidate to develop our video surveillance systems. In December 2015, Steve left Logan City Police Department to take on the full-time responsibilities of Valorence, LLC managing our day to day operations. 

Covert Law Enforcement currently has camera systems in several different geographical areas, and are used by State, Federal, and Local law enforcement agencies. Covert Law Enforcement is constantly working toward improving our technology and adding new features to our systems as new technology is released.  

Our offices are located at 649 North 170 East, Smithfield UT 84335.