The All in One


When the investigation calls for a battery powered, versatile,  powerful, long distance surveillance system the "All In One" will fit perfectly.

The Specs

The camera is connected via 25 foot, or 50 foot weatherproof Ethernet cable that allows for the camera to be deployed a safe distance from the case. Axis Q6125 PTZ camera gives full 1080p resolution with 30x optical zoom. 

Powered using a lightweight, 100 Ah LiFePo 12v Battery, charged by the internal battery charger, with a recharge time of approximately 4 hours. The advantages of using a LiFePo battery are the lightweight, fast charging time and much longer life of approximately 10 years. 

Everything You Need In One Package

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Help With Purchasing

Have a question about purchasing the pole camera? Our sales staff is available to answer those questions

Personal Set Up

Need help setting up? Technical Support is available 24/7 via chat and phone call

Quality, Durable Packaging 

We ship our specialized pole cameras in law enforcements most trusted case brand— Pelican

Warranty Guarenteed 

We offer a one year warranty on the parts, labor, technical and system management