Reliability, Hidden In Plain Sight

Our tough, reliable and high-quality, covert surveillance systems

enable law enforcement to catch their perpetrator when it counts the most!

We Specialize in Custom Covert Pole Cameras


Quick deploy on power pole, street light, rooftop, business window, or create an Ad Hoc surveillance vehicle using our optional vehicle mount package.


Durable, heavy duty, patented enclosures prevent any weather condition or harsh environment from interfering with your investigation. Also, our enclosures are nearly bulletproof—yes, it's been tested.  


Only the best Axis cameras are used for our covert pole cameras. Assuring the most high quality 720P/1080P HD imaging and a 30x zoom, giving the best accuracy and clarity for any case.

Other Specs

Each pole camera comes with a quality power pole mounting bracket, 2x auto ratchet tie down straps, 10 ft power line cable and more. Better yet, our covert pole cameras are shipped in a Pelican case for proper transportation and storage—plus, who doesn't love a Pelican case?! 

Introducing our Secure Law Enforcement (SLE) covert camera product line 

Why Choose Covert Law Enforcement?

Law Enforcement Experts

Made by Law Enforcement For Law Enforcement

The founders of Covert Law Enforcement both bleed blue! Their extensive knowledge from being a detective, firefighter, IT administrator and 911 dispatcher more than qualify them to create the most trusted equipment in the industry for our local heros.  

In-Demand And Trusted Nationwide 

Our advanced covert video systems and pole cameras are trusted and deployed nationwide—we can't seem to keep them on our shelves.

Law enforcement relies on our surveillance systems for covert sting operations and investigations because of our superior technology and quality surveillance systems.

Quality Products, Unmatched 

With experience in high priority investigations, we understand the value of reliable tools that are easy to use. Each pole camera is hand-made in our humble HQ by our trusted employees, ensuring top-of-the-line quality and providing the best care for our customers. Our camera systems are quickly deployed with multiple deployment options that will fit virtually any circumstance.

Unparalleled Technical Support

We provide a service, not just a product

Our 24/7 Technical Support is always available, whether that is during set up or assisting officers that are in the field.

Quick and Easy Troubleshooting

Customer satisfaction is important to us! Our technical support team is easily and quickly accessible with a built in screen share program that allows live issues to be resolved within minutes by our experts.

Not only do they have fine products, they are always willing to service those products and make sure that everything is running smoothly. We will continue to use their services and products as they have made my job a lot easier in being able to monitor problem areas in our community wherever I am at the time.

Detective Zane Jensen

Franklin County Sheriff

We have been working with Covert Law Enforcement surveillance systems for years now, and know them to be extremely reliable and effective. The intel gathered by using the surveillance systems is invaluable for case prosecution and Officer safety.

Sgt. Brooks Davis

Cache Rich Drug Task Force

We purchased our first system in 2010, and over the last several years we have purchased several more because each division has found a need to use them. They have been used on everything from metal thefts, and drug investigations, to a child predator, and homicide investigations. 

Captain Tyson Budge

Logan City Police Department

We strive to have the highest quality components in our systems, because of this we went straight to the best!

We are proud to be Authorized Partners with Axis Communications, Cradlepoint, Inc.,  and Milestone Systems.

Integrating the best possible technologies with our top of the line products.

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